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singapore pools 4d forecast result - hit lottery pick 4 to win the big money
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THE 4D AUTHOR, SEND BY SMS new malaysia/singapore lottery 4d icon

Pay By Bank-In: S$80
Pay By Credit Card: S$100
New Price from 15th of this month onwards for Super Hot Number: S$150
Wining Rate 90% - 95%

sms hot 4d number service

This 4D HOT Tips Forecast Result ONLY FOR SUREWIN4D MEMBER WHO ARE VERY BUSY and no time to do this 4D simple homework. You' ll get 1 Month - 12 draws (included special draws) 4D Forecast Result - 90% - 95% Accuracy, by SMS. Normally we will delivery the forecast numbers 1 day before the betting day.


Winning Ticket Magnum Third Prize - 30 August 2015

Your prediction 4D number let me hit the special prize on Toto, thank!

Michelle Kwong, Johor Bahru
[striked on 26 September 2015]

Winning Ticket Magnum Consolation Prize - 22 August 2015

I striked the conoslation prize 5811 for your super hot number, this is my 1st striked straight number in this year, thank a lot!

Roland, Miri, Sarawak
[striked on 22 August 2015]

Winning Ticket Magnum Third & Special Prizes - 26 July 2015

Hi Master Goh, these are my winning tickets. Another one for 26th July draw but did not get capture. Next week is my birthday, podium winning numbers please. Thank you very much.

[striked on 21 July 2015]
[striked on 26 July 2015]

Winning Ticket Toto Special Prize - 18 July 2015

I rotate abit your number...it hits......

Kumar, 45 years old, Kedah
[striked on 18 July 2015]

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Reminder: All Payment made is non-refundable. All these results are FORECAST RESULT and not 100% guaranteed. The punter shall be liable at their own risk. You may join to our Introducer Cash Reward Program to earn the extra income. Please email to info.surekena@gmailcom if you need further information. To refer our disclaimer, please click here.

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